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Ebay and amazon

I ordered an azone doll..

And it will be arriving this week.

Some where between monday and thursday….


Found another spider

It came under the inner door from the connected quad bathroom.

It was a pretty big one. The size of a toonie. The body was the size of a skittle.

Looks like ill have to invest in a door stopper or something.

Getting tired of this.

I have tape all over my room where there are cracks and where im not allowed to caulk.

Im going to buy bayleaf.

And maybe make my own door stopper


Fixing the spider problem

I found another huge one under my shoe last night. I didn’t get to sleep until 5am.

I figured out that the come in around the same time every night.

They come in when the sprinklers go off at 2am. I can’t ask the manager to turn off the sprinklers so..

I looked for open cracks along the door and realized the padding to keep bug about if so fucking old its crumbling.

I’ve taped up the inside of my door and re-caulked in places where it was coming undone.

They should keep them out.

Now all i can do is wait.

They literally are flooding out spiders on the grass not even 5feet from my room and they are hauling ass into safety into my room. It also is causing flooding because the drains are plugged.

I don’t want to kill them so this was my plan to keep me happy and them out.

I hope it works.

Im tired of being scared and losing sleep over these things.

2nd day of school

Literary landmarks- anglo-saxon-middle ages- renaissance
Teacher: Very enjoyable and cute; basically and older woman that can find the fault in any O.S, but is so cherryful when something turns out right. Knows how to make mead (we almost got a hold of the recipe, rats).

Hobbit and Narnia- focus will be on Narnia
Teacher: Pretty much Santa Clause in sandals and gentlemen’s ankle socks with a light sweater knit and grey profs coat. Focuses on straight to the point writing and not academic.