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I don’t even know any more..


This is what happens when I let it air dry. X.x
So I’ve been writing
a story in my side writing blog, not sure where it is going.

it was going to be based off an outline i wrote for screenplay class when we had to keep a journal, but it seems to be taking quite a turn into something more. I’m just writing at this stage, no editing so far there are 3 characters. 2 major and a minor. I might break out the old outline for a base to help keep the shape of the story. I dunno.~

I finished making bunny plushie prototype number 3

A true choice is having to pick between two equal things, otherwise it becomes a matter of survival
—Kitnami’s mom
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Finally got proper felt, made a bigger version. I just have to make a strap and then it is done.