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So I applied for a job and got a email saying to meet them after 1pm
So I haul ass to meet then and I get to their secretary and she politely asks me to wait and all of a sudden security pops up.

Im confused and a little worried. Then the secretary tells me that the manager is having medical issues and they might have to call an ambulance.

So in short the interview was canceled.

( of course im worried about the manager and i hope they get better)

But this job searching is escalating in a bad way.. I hope to god that my searching isn’t causing horrible things to happen. Sending resumes and applying for jobs isn’t suppose to hurt people.. Holy smokes.

In other words:
I was suppose to have an interview but got canceled because the person had medical complications.
(0-0);;; faaaaaaaaadge

Apparently i have black widows outside my room…


And they have nests.

Just when i thought it was safe too.

Reported to management. Now to wait.

So i was grabbing some groceries and when I got to the cash register a man looked at me and asked for my name, apparently they are doing the children’s foundations donation thingy.

So i gave him my name and now i ja e my name on one of those paper circle thingies. And so i returned the favor and himesama and Ojousama are also on the donation wall muwahaha

I also

Made a new friend…but…o.o he like patted my upper back as I was I’m kinda wtf?

._. I can’t handle a job and bf….seriously…
please kami-sama no drama…

He was intended to be her lover..but he’s more little brother material. >wtoocsiboos replied to your post: He’s so tiny compared to Krystle. But…