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Well Krystle is adjusting to life in a dorm room. With all of her stuffed animals.
Growing pains?

In my calves and behind my knees.

Its not exactly sore or even painful, slightly feels like I used the muscle too much.

Plus I’ve been very unusually hungry lately…. like insatiable, so I’ve had 3 meal replacement drinks cause I thought it was part of the anemia and regrowing red blood cells.

(When I donate blood I get sooo hungry, like give me yo drink, yo food, yo possum and I’ll eat it. ).

:p not that I’d actually eat possum, but during those times it sure feels like it.

Am I growing?

So apparently to ship this single book to Croatia is expensive. 

These are all the options, the cheapest at 12$ (but I believe it takes the longest to arrive and doesn’t come with tracking).


Why the heck is shipping so expensive.

Also I’m wondering why the lady quoted me 20$ to send it when there is the 12 $ option. (Though I believed based on my previous shipping experience the 12$ option would take the book 2~3 months to get there is it is anything like Sal shipping).

Edit: note to self, found a link that explains a few things about the above.